Need program ideas for your teen troops?

Briar Patches are based on popular teen books. They bring stories to life, letting teens try out their favorite characters’ likes and dislikes. They encourage creative problem solving, real-life skills, career exploration, and outdoor fun. Post photos of your troop working on these patches at the Briar Patch Facebook site: https:/

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Odds Are: Inspired by The Hunger Games

Create your own reality show, try archery, bake some tasty bread, and design the perfect tribute costume. And in case you're name is called at a reaping, learn how to purify water, treat an arrow wound, blood poisoning, and multiple insect stings and still keep your compose to make an effective pitch to potential sponsors!

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Rising Tide: Inspired by Catching Fire

Build your own Victor's Village out of gingerbread and try to communicate with trail signs or American Sign Language. Find out the minimum age for marriage in your state and learn the symbolism used in wedding dress design. Learn how to tie almost as many knots as Finnick and Mags and design jewelry using fishing tackle. Visit your local television station and learn what its like to deliver the nightly news, breaking reports, weather, and sports. Does your local news team have a crew of stylists to help them?

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Small Change: Inspired by Mockingjay

Pack your own emergency bag and plan your escape route before the Capitol bombs your neighborhood. Go spelunking and discover what it's like to live underground. Discover a career in humanitarian relief. Try cake decorating, design your own coin, and educate your classmates about concussions. Donate cat toys to a local shelter so other families can play Buttercup's "crazy cat" game.

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Real Princess: Inspired by The Princess Diaries

Forget Cinderella and Snow White! What's it really like to be a modern princess? Polish up your etiquette, learn what "black tie" means, and make your own fascinator. Head to the stables for a riding lesson, take a (virtual) tour of a palace, and find out how to apply to be a royal nanny. Head to any store and count the number of "princess products" or try writing a resume or Facebook profile for a Disney princess.

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Be a Doll: Inspired by Be Anything, Do Everything

Could Barbie survive in the real world? Try this fun look at Girl Scout dolls of the past, the fashion industry, and healthy body images, with activities for all ages.

Briar Patches are developed by Ann Robertson, a veteran Girl Scout and writer.